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We have worked with the BIGGEST fitness federations in the UK.We have filmed the BIGGEST fitness events. We have worked with the BIGGEST fitness names.

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We are leaders in sports and fitness videography.


We understand what athletes want, including but not restricted to documenting their physique and promoting their business.


The founder behind CineFit has represented the UK in men's physique bodybuilding shows around the world. He has spent years studying film-making - CineFit is built for the athletes. 


If you combine our understanding of the fitness industry with our knowledge surrounding film-making and distribution, it's clear to see we truly are the right choice for every athlete, business, federation, and more.

Sacrifice Today For Tomorrow
Elite Fitness
Alex Reegan X CineFit
Determined to Rise
Mayhem Gym
Fitness Brand Promo
Ripped Gym
Pure Elite Worlds '21
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